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Mental- und Motivations-training

Mental and motivational training

In one-on-one sessions and seminars (e.g. mind training seminar, meditation courses) I teach how the inner attitude, thoughts and unconscious structures influence our life and our perception. Those who dive deep into the unconscious experience who they are among all the "mountains of garbage" that hide our true self. This is carried by a spiritual power and connection with the great whole (the primordial field of creation and life).

Usually our brain recalls the same cognitions and experiences over and over again. It falls back on what it knows in order to save energy. Thus we move permanently in the eternal mode of repetitions. So we experience our own universe constantly in the same way. Annoying, if one considers how often we are dissatisfied with our everyday life. With the power of thoughts we are able to influence physiological processes in our body and also everyday situations. Even researchers from various disciplines are convinced of this. We usually use about 10 percent of our mental potential. What do we do with the rest? With our willpower we can influence much more. Success, happiness, health and a more fulfilling life can actually be directed with the increase of our conscious mental power.

The healing power of the mind:
"Everyone is the architect of his own fortune"

We use only a small percentage of our "gray cells" - the majority lie idle, unaware of their enormous capabilities. Scientists and researchers around the world are investigating what our minds are capable of. They are constantly coming across new, unbelievable results of their tests and measurements with mentally particularly gifted people. How much potential there is in our thoughts and mental energies is still far from being sufficiently researched. However, it is already known that we can actually influence situations and even physical illnesses with our power of thought and change them for the better (but also for the worse).

Crisis management: Work and Family

How do we deal with personal or professional crises? Suffering shapes the soul, so they say. But do we always have to wait until we've reached rock bottom professionally, privately or physically? Does it have to come to a burnout first? How do I recognize the first signs of an approaching crisis? What can I do to change course in time in a more fruitful and meaningful direction?

We often destroy something in order to start completely anew afterwards. The deeper one falls, the greater the power for transformation. Unfortunately, it is often only after crisis situations that energies can flow that are free from our expectations. And it is precisely then that doors suddenly open and solutions emerge that we never dared to dream of before. The turn for the better begins.

Relationships through the ages

Whether couple relationships, family, professional partners or governments: It seems as if the usual forms of relationships are completely breaking apart. Where something old ends, something new begins - or so we think. In the age of globalization and the Internet, boundaries that previously gave us a sense of order and security are dissolving. What happens when borders are dissolved (human and geographical) without new borders? We fall apart, becoming "borderless" and helpless. Humans cannot align themselves in a meaningful way without order and structure, nor can they survive in the long run.

Very few people know that we are still bound in our humanity to our primeval genetic material and also still act, feel and react in the same way. How else could it be explained that in our civilized world we still wage wars, destroy the environment, kill people, etc.? Not every emancipation and civilized form of behavior is accepted by our genetics and primordial soul. We want to be progressive, but in doing so we should know our basic patterns in our subconscious very well and include them in our decisions. Our hereditary material and our cultural origin essentially determine our objectives and way of acting. Every system follows its own dynamics. The knowledge of this brings new perspectives and approaches to solutions.

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