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Nothing is too hard for the one who loves.

My name is Elke Ulrike Schlegel (Hagel). As a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy I have been running my practice since 1995 (over 26 years).

But now my husband Ralf, I and our friend Carola Hörmann have decided to spend most of the year in our new house in Finikounda, on the Peloponnese peninsula/Greece, from mid-April 2022 - and also to continue our offers from there in a new form. Of course, our therapy dog Franzi will also be with us! Our house is situated in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve, unspoilt, on a slope with a view of the sea. Bananas, oranges, figs, olives, apples of paradise and much more grow in our garden.

Unser Erstwohnsitz bleibt im Landkreis Biberach. Die alte Adresse in Schemmerberg ist nicht mehr gültig. Erreichbar für Termine, Buchungen oder Nachfragen bleiben wir aber weiterhin über die jeweils gewohnte E-Mail-Adresse, ebenso mit meiner neuen Geschäftshandy-Nr. +49 151-70628941. Auch Carola ist ab sofort in unserer Praxisarbeit als Lebensberaterin und Familienaufstellerin Teil des Teams.

Many already know the telephone counselling with me. It is still possible (also for "inner family constellations" and even light hypnosis). In addition, all this is also on offer via Zoom by appointment.

But what is special and certainly pleases many is the possibility to book a time-out in our Greek home and make use of our counselling/treatment services. We have a small holiday flat and additionally two guest rooms in our house. How about morning meditation on the beach or in our garden? Or treatment/counselling with a view of the sea surrounded by a beautiful landscape? More detailed information on dates, costs and procedures can be obtained from us from June onwards or will be available on our homepage until then.

We look forward to seeing you!

More Information:

Ralf Schlegel, Shamanic Healing Art

Carola Hörmann, Life Coach and Systemic Constellation Worker

My Services:

Systemische Therapie

Systemic Therapy

Family constellations (individual/groups)
Symptom constellations
Organisational constellations




Medical hypnotherapy
Certified since 2012


Mental- und Motivations-training

Mental and motivational training

for private individuals or companies (individuals/group seminars)




for companies, associations, organisations, healing professions


Coaching und Vorträge

Coaching and lectures

for companies, associations, organisations, schools


Autorin / freie Journalistin

Author / freelance journalist

you can find my books on the book page