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Nothing is too hard for the one who loves.

My Name is Elke Ulrike Schlegel
I have been running my practice as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy since 1995 (over 29 years)


Now there is a quicker return than expected: on 28 April 2024 we (my husband Ralf, our friend Carola and our cocker dog Franzi) will return to Germany, to our home country (Biberach district)! Permanently!

Originally, we wanted to live in our new home in Greece for several years or even forever. We settled in fully in Finikounda, found out everything you need for everyday life (offices, habits, errands...), took a language course and had all kinds of experiences. Now, after more than 2 years, home has called us in the form of many phone calls, emails ... Family, friends and clients had been saying for some time how nice it would be if we came back and that we had left quite a gap. This "call" really picked up speed last Christmas. I could no longer close my ears and my heart to it. Being longed for in this way has enormous pulling power. So we decided together to move back and leave our "Greek second home". However, the tears are at least as big as the smiles. Especially because we are leaving behind a gigantic paradise! House, garden (more like a park), beach, sun, nature... and lots of people who have become friends. We were able to live all of this... and bring it back to our German homeland in our hearts and minds!

We are letting go of our house in Finikounda, on the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece, and everything we have built up here. In the meantime, we have found and bought a new house in Germany that has captured our hearts. It's a hit ... made to make many visitors feel welcome there. More details to follow...

The new home address (our permanent, new residence) from 29 April 2024 isist die Eggatsweiler Str.16, 88348 Allmannsweiler (between Bad Schussenried and Bad Buchau, near Federsee). Again, lots of peace and nature (logical) and plenty of space for everything you need (including for our work) ... and a beautiful garden. The organisation of our "return migration" has been taking up a lot of time (and nerves) for several months now. But it's working!

From 15 April - 8 May 2024 my practice will be closed for these reasons!

After that, I will be available for consultations in person (as usual) or now also via WhatsApp video/telephone. I am also resuming my previous seminar work (meditation courses, constellation days, other seminars...) and hypnosis sessions. You can find all this under "Dates". We can still be contacted for bookings or enquiries via the usual e-mail address, as well as by mobile phone +49-151-70628941.

We look forward to seeing you!

NEWS: From 15.04.-08.05.2024 my practice is closed due to "return migration" to Germany. From 10.05.24 I will be available again at the new address above - as will my husband Ralf with shamanic treatments and massages.

Umarmung von Elke und Ralf

More Information:

Ralf Schlegel, Shamanic Healing Art

My Services:

Systemische Therapie

Systemic Therapy

Family constellations (individual/groups)
Symptom constellations
Organisational constellations




Medical hypnotherapy
Certified since 2012


Mental- und Motivations-training

Mental and motivational training

for private individuals or companies (individuals/group seminars)




for companies, associations, organisations, healing professions


Coaching und Vorträge

Coaching and lectures

for companies, associations, organisations, schools


Autorin / freie Journalistin

Author / freelance journalist

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