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Nothing is too hard for the one who loves.

My Name is Elke Ulrike Schlegel
I have been running my practice as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy since 1995 (over 28 years)

Since April 2022 my husband Ralf and I are now already living in our new house in Finikounda, on the Peloponnese peninsula/Greece - and also from there we continue our offers unchanged. It has completely overwhelmed me how great the loyalty and demand for my support and work continues to be. On a daily basis, I now work with clients, patients and those seeking advice via Whats-App video/telephony or also with guests in our house on site. We have been welcomed by the locals as if we are part of the family. Help and support are permanently given to us. We belong! We learn Greek twice a week with our teacher, get familiar with culture, country and people and enjoy every day. Of course our therapy dog Franzi is also with us! She loves to swim in the sea, play with her new dog friends and race around on the beach. Our house is located in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve, unobstructed, on a hillside with a view of the sea. In our garden grow bananas, oranges, figs, olives, paradise apples and much more.

Our primary residence remains in the district of Biberach. The address in Germany is: Bahnhofstr.10, 88433 Schemmerberg. However, we can still be reached for appointments, bookings or inquiries via the usual e-mail address, as well as with my new business mobile no. +49 151-70628941

Many already know the telephone consultation with me. It is still possible (also for "Inner Family Constellations" and even hypnosis). In addition, all this is also possible via Whats-App video, or in conjunction with a vacation here on site in our practice room after making an appointment in the possible

But what comes as a special feature and certainly pleases many, is the possibility to book a time out with us in our Greek home and to take advantage of our consulting / treatment services (see under "Dates"). We have a small vacation apartment and additionally two guest rooms in our house. How about, for example, morning meditation on the beach or in our garden? Or treatment/consultation with a view of the sea surrounded by a beautiful landscape? More details about dates, costs and procedures can be requested from us or can be found on our homepage.

We look forward to seeing you!

NEWS: We will be coming to Germany for 14 days from 3-17 March 2024. You can see my home address in the text above. During this time I am again offering a constellation Saturday, 9 March 2024, and a constellation Monday, 11 March 2024 (both already fully booked). You can find more details under "Dates". You should contact me in good time on the above mobile phone number. Unfortunately, individual consultations with me are no longer possible during this visit. But Ralf is doing his massages and shamanic sessions during this time and still has capacities available ... please also book in advance.

We wish everyone a blessed Christmas season... above all peace in your heart with yourself and your fellow human beings. Only then is peace on the outside possible! Then, in these times of upheaval in this world, which is causing great uncertainty for many people, we can look to the new year 2024 with more confidence. New things emerge from every chaos - this time will also pass and make way for something else! With gratitude in our hearts, we look at what we have in every NOW ... so that the next NOW may gladly give me the good. Hugs from Elke and Ralf

More Information:

Ralf Schlegel, Shamanic Healing Art

My Services:

Systemische Therapie

Systemic Therapy

Family constellations (individual/groups)
Symptom constellations
Organisational constellations




Medical hypnotherapy
Certified since 2012


Mental- und Motivations-training

Mental and motivational training

for private individuals or companies (individuals/group seminars)




for companies, associations, organisations, healing professions


Coaching und Vorträge

Coaching and lectures

for companies, associations, organisations, schools


Autorin / freie Journalistin

Author / freelance journalist

you can find my books on the book page