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What is Supervision

As a supervisor (with appropriate qualifications) I guide groups, organizations but also individuals to improve their professional or even voluntary behavior and actions.

In supervision, we jointly review possible sources of error in dealing or acting with colleagues, patients, clients, superiors, students, etc. This already indicates the target group with whom supervision can be carried out: Employees and supervisors in the social, pedagogical, medical or even therapeutic field. In one or more sessions, the relationship and role dynamics are uncovered so that a deeper look at hidden patterns (also from one's own experienced past/biography) can be achieved.

Supervision to increase the quality of work

Likewise, supervision is more and more often an important method for clarifying and improving the quality of work among academics and managers, as well as for increasing productivity in a company. Especially also in the introduction of new employees or relationships in interest groups, but also in the company handover or change of supervisor(s), supervision provides valuable assistance.

For managers with high expectations of their job, supervision is an important tool for good interaction and success.

Procedure of a supervision

The goal of supervision is to relieve and guide the supervisee so that he can learn and implement new possibilities and structures. Together with the client and the supervisee, I work out the desired goal. An agreement contract is drawn up on this. Empathically and with a clear view I work together with the supervisee and if agreed and desired also with other supervisees and the client (groups). Of course, data protection is guaranteed!

The work itself is about reflection of one's own motives, imprints, expectations, power, responsibility, roles, organization, interests, feelings, personality, thoughts, strategies, personal development, spirituality. All of this flows into the effective, clarifying and also healing process of further development - also for one's very own personal life path.

I work in a solution-oriented, systemic and depth psychological way. As a systemic therapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist I am practiced and qualified in dealing with problematic issues in the interpersonal field. Through my daily depth psychological work I recognize unconscious structures and currents of an individual or the dynamics in groups. The analysis, reflection, mirroring of the structures and recognition of the respective strengths and weaknesses are part of my extensive field of work.

Returning to the here and now, arriving in the center, acting and working authentically - all this is part of a relaxed, fruitful togetherness.

More details on request by phone or email via the contact page.