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In 2006 I realized a lifelong dream: My first book "Sturm in der Seele" (my biography) was successfully published. Since then, I have also worked as an author and freelance journalist and have published two more books: "Die Alte vom Berg" and "Praktikum als Schutzengel". They are still published under my birth name Hagel.

In 2016, another dream came true in the form of a meditation CD. For this I used my experience as a meditation teacher (since 1996) to let the texts arise in love and inwardly vibrating freely.

Sturm in der Seele

Very personally and sensitively, the author describes the first forty years of her turbulent life, which knows no times of standstill, but is also marked by the longing for love and security. The suicide of her brother, a miscarriage, and the end of her great love almost drive her out of her mind. Only an intense mystical experience leads her on the path to herself. Elke Ulrike Schlegel, née Hagel, was born in 1965 in the small Swabian town of Biberach/Riss, the youngest of four children. After a long odyssey through various professions and the turmoil of her life, she now works as a psychotherapist HP, medical hypnotherapist and systemic therapist (family constellations) and regularly holds seminars.

Sturm in der Seele
Autorin:Elke Ulrike Hagel
Verlag:Biberacher Verlagsdruckerei (BVD-Medienhaus)
Erscheinungstermin Wiederauflage:14. August 2013 (erstmals 2006)
Preis:9,90 Euro

Die Alte vom Berg

Olivia is in her mid-thirties and faces the shards of her life. Not only is her daughter killed in an accident, but her marriage is also on the brink of collapse. After a serious crisis, she decides to leave her life behind. She travels across Germany and finally ends up involuntarily with an old, wise woman in the forests of the Alps. After initial doubts about her sanity, Olivia eventually realizes that she is getting answers to her questions from the old woman and that she is helping her to find her very own path in life. After many months, she returns to the past and confronts the unredeemed and the lies to which she had previously closed her eyes.

Die Alte vom Berg
Autorin:Elke Ulrike Hagel
Verlag:Biberacher Verlagsdruckerei (BVD-Medienhaus)
Erscheinungstermin:Mitte Juni 2012
Preis:9,90 Euro

Praktikum als Schutzengel

Bernhard, known as Bernie, lives a life of luxury in his adopted home of Mallorca. Through fraud and cleverness, he has become rich in financial and real estate transactions. Without scruples and morals he pulls his customers over the table. At one of his friend Jo's uninhibited parties, he sees Marleen for the first time, a woman who almost drives him crazy. At the same night, in a drugged stupor, he hears a strange voice in his head and believes he has finally gone mad. He fears for his life. Only later does he realize that this voice belongs to his guardian angel Gidenius, himself still an intern and extremely inexperienced in dealing with people. When Bernie finally ends up in jail, his life takes a completely new turn - and he begins to believe Ginnie's wisdom.

Praktikum als Schutzengel
Autorin:Elke Ulrike Hagel
Verlag:Biberacher Verlagsdruckerei (BVD-Medienhaus)
Erscheinungstermin:26. Nov. 2015
Preis:9,90 Euro


With these meditation CDs, everyone (even beginners) can reach their inner center. However, it takes some practice and also willpower. A sound introduction explains how you should position yourself. Special attention is given to proper breathing. A quiet, undisturbed environment is just as important as an attentive, inner attitude.

On both CD's are three meditations with texts spoken by me. They accompany you through different phases and topics. From the inner healer to harmonious relationships. You can also stop the meditations briefly during the meditations to experience an inner process more consciously.

On CD1 two and on CD2 all texts are accompanied by meditative music, which was produced especially for me in a professional recording studio and corresponds to the beat of the heartbeat, which brings about even more peace.

Meditation CD 1

  1. Light-and-love
    Provides peace and love in the heart. Purifies body and mind and reconciles with the world.
  2. Garden-Eden
    Rest, security, letting go Encounter with the Inner Healer / the Good Soul.
  3. Journey-in-Universe
    Finding truth - forgiveness and reconciliation ("I forgive you and me") - new awareness in relationships.

Audio sample: Garden of Eden

Meditation CD 2

The time has come! The new meditation CD is now available with us.

  1. Healing and connecting with Mother Earth.
    Looking at and dissolving fears and compulsions, releasing and healing deep-seated blockages.
  2. Reconciliation, forgiveness, light meditation
    Healing troubled relationships, reconciling with difficult people, healing grudges and hurts.
  3. Healing Mother Earth
    Healing and connecting with Mother Earth. Merging with earthly creation. At the beginning an old, shamanic prayer by Ralf, followed by meditation with Elke.

Hörprobe: Mutter Erde

About the author

Elke Ulrike Schlegel, (Hagel), was born in 1965 in the small Swabian town of Biberach/Riss as the youngest of four children. After a long odyssey through various professions and the turmoil of her life, she now works as a psychotherapist HP, med. hypnotherapist and systemic therapist (family constellations) and regularly holds seminars.

Author readings

For an author reading, I will be happy to come to your place by invitation. Or you invite your friends and relatives to a private reading of me to your home. So the buyer also receives a personal dedication in his book from me.


You can buy my books in bookstores, on the Internet or from me with personal dedication (plus postage). The CD is only available from me (25,- Euro).

I am very happy about opinions and inquiries by e-mail!