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Terms and conditions for consultations / therapeutic sessions

Appointments for individuals, couples and families by appointment.

Consultations take place in person at my office, by phone or Whats-App video/telephony.

Hypnosis sessions are also possible by phone (light trance) or Whats-App video. In the case of physical illnesses, bring clinical diagnosis / findings if possible. I am also happy to work in consultation with the responsible doctor to complement his treatment.

The fee is 100,00 Euro / per hour.
The duration of the consultation is determined by the client's concerns and need for discussion and is billed accordingly.

My practice does not bill health insurance companies. All services are for self-payers only!

Working hours:

Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 6 pm and
Friday 9 am - 1 pm; I reserve the right to make changes.

Systemic counseling or hypnosis session


The client/patient personally commissions Ms. Elke Schlegel to conduct a therapeutic consultation or hypnosis session, which can last between 1 - 2 hrs, depending on the concerns and treatment needs. For a therapeutic consultation or hypnosis session, the fee is 100.00 Euro/hour (with billing based exactly on consultation time). Breaks during the session are possible at the client's request and are counted as session time. The feeable session time starts at the agreed time, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. An extension of the session time due to the client's lateness or a refund of the unused session time is not possible.

Terms of payment

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the fee for a therapeutic consultation or a hypnosis session is due in cash on site immediately after the session is completed or is to be transferred to the following account:

IBAN DE50 6309 0100 0074 2070 08
Volksbank Ulm-Biberach eG

If the client is in default of payment, Ms. Elke Schlegel may initiate the dunning procedure.

Appointment cancellation

If the client cannot keep a previously agreed appointment or the promised participation in a seminar and does not cancel this appointment in time at least 72 hours in advance, Ms. Elke Schlegel may charge 50% of the fee for the session or seminar agreed on that day, even if an individual session is made up later. This also applies if the client is 30 minutes or more late, as a complete session is unfortunately no longer possible in this case.

To cancel an appointment, it is sufficient to notify us in time by phone or send an e-mail in time to:

If Mrs. Elke Schlegel cancels a previously arranged appointment, a replacement appointment can be arranged promptly after consultation.


Wenn kein anderer Ort vereinbart wird, finden die Sitzungen mit Frau Elke Schlegel telefonisch, per Whats-App-Video oder ihrem Haus 88348 Allmannsweiler persönlich statt.